Best diamond color for rose gold rings compared to white and platinum rings

When you are on the verge of buying an engagement ring, you are faced with a lot of difficult decisions. A fundamental decision is which material the ring should be made of and which diamond color fits best. In the following I will introduce you to the few materials and matching diamond colors and give you my personal recommendation. Especially I would like to point out the best diamond color for rose gold rings because these have become very popular in the last years and you can save a lot of money with rose gold in diamond color. In my opinion a chic and clever choice for the engagement ring!

The color scale

The exact color of a diamond cannot be seen with the naked eye even by experts but is determined under magnification with sample stones. In the middle of the 20th century, the GIA published a scale for this purpose, which goes from D to Z and indicates the different degrees of colour of the diamond. D stands for colorless diamonds, which are the rarest and most expensive diamonds. Large D diamonds are extremely rare and therefore incredibly expensive as the guy from points out. Z diamonds, on the other hand, have a clear yellow tinge and are much cheaper. The differences between the individual color levels are extremely small, but it can be said that diamonds up to M are suitable for engagement rings and everything above it usually looks too yellowish. Which color exactly fits which ring is strongly dependent on the material of the ring, so I will discuss three different materials in the following: rose gold, platinum, and white gold rings.

Diamond Stone with Light Reflection in Switzerland.

Rose gold rings

Rose gold has become increasingly popular as a material over the last fifteen years. There are several reasons for this, but the main reason is probably that rose gold combines the traditional gold with a cool pink, making the ring look classic but not boring. It rather gets a modern vintage look which is very fashionable especially in American and European cities. When you choose a rose gold ring, it is important to know what effect this has on the color of the diamond. Of course, the decision depends not only on the material, but also on the cut you want and for example if the ring will be a solitaire ring or if it will have several diamonds. Basically, for rings with a center diamond and two accompanying rings, the center diamond must be the most colorless and thus stand out through its beauty. If you choose a solitaire ring, you have done yourself a big favor by choosing a rose gold ring, because you can save on the color quality by using rose gold. Since the price per color category does not increase linearly but exponentially, you can save a lot of money and put the money you save into more carats. For a rose gold ring I would recommend a diamond between K – M. These are relatively cheap and will still look very chic on a rose gold ring as they will sufficiently absorb and reflect the pink of the ring. It would surprise me very much if you would notice a yellow tinge on a rose gold ring when wearing a K diamond! Should you decide against a solitaire ring, choose at least K diamonds for the center diamond and L or M diamonds for the two accompanying diamonds. Rose gold rings will allow you to purchase 0.5 to 1 carat more, making the ring much more impressive. The joy of your fiancĂ©e will thank you for it!

Platinum ring

However, the situation is completely different when you decide to buy a platinum ring. Platinum rings radiate a certain arrogance and superiority and the material is very bright. This means that every little yellow tone in the diamond will immediately stand out. This forces you to choose a very high-quality diamond for your platinum ring, which means that you should buy a diamond between D-E. This colorless diamond will absorb and reflect the bright platinum, so the coolness of the platinum ring will remain. The solitaire ring is in my opinion the best idea when choosing platinum as a material because platinum rings look very chic with a single diamond and the high color quality of the diamond comes out best.

Diamonds Color for Rose Gold
digital image

White gold rings

White gold as material for the engagement ring is popular at the moment and is particularly well received by women in the USA and Europe. The advantage over platinum rings is that white gold is cheaper as a material and the diamond does not have to be so extremely colorless. That means here you can also make an elegant ring with a J or K diamond, which would probably not apply to platinum. But remember that white gold is not as modern as rose gold and is not as cool as platinum, so it is more of a compromise. Even though white gold is becoming more and more popular I would not advise you to buy one, the hype will not last long your engagement ring but will remain forever.

The right cut depending on the material of the ring

The cut of a diamond determines much. On the one hand, it changes the appearance very much. Depending on the cut, a diamond can appear either very hard and arrogant or very soft and elegant. In addition, the cut of a diamond has a great influence on how strongly the color of the diamond appears. This means that if you do not have unlimited resources available, you should not only pay attention to the appearance of the cut, but also which cut can enhance the diamond. In my experience, the round cut is the safest choice if you want to hide the color of a diamond. This would be an advantage when choosing a rose gold ring, for example, because you will choose a lower quality diamond. Also a Princess or Emerald cut can be a good choice. If you choose platinum or white gold as the material for your engagement ring, then you will have to choose a high-quality diamond anyway and you should be able to emphasize its colorlessness with the right cut. Here the Asscher-cut or the tear shape cut is a good choice.


In my opinion the best diamond color for a rose gold engagement ring is something between K-M, while for platinum or white gold you should go for more colorless diamonds. For platinum the top grade is necessary, for white gold J or K is enough, but always remember to choose the right cut to either hide or emphasize the color of the diamond.